It is with excitement and anticipation that Infinity Mirror Art brings you our latest design – the Oye' Meta curve infinity mirror.This sleek design - inspired by the uniform curves of mysterious crop circles - is made with moulded resin formed in an elegantly twisting circle which frames the stunning blue LED swirls. Look deep into the eye of the mirror as the swirls hypnotise you deeper and deeper into infinity.

Unlike other infinity-style LED mirrors, the Infinity Mirror Art pieces – with patent pending - bring light from the centre outwards in addition to framing the mirror. This allows the lights to take many artistic forms, like the swirls seen in this Oye' Meta mirror. This unique feature gives you not only a functional mirror but also a stunning piece of art. Weighing no more than 14kg, this mirror will be a stunning feature in

your hallway or a useful addition to a bathroom – wherever you hang it, this mirror is a conversation starter. The silver finish and glowing blues express contemporary style and offer a compelling way to bring atmospheric light into your room.

The twisting frame adds depth and character to this circular art piece. Its brushed-steel effect also allows the light to reflect not only deep into the mirror but around the frame's many undulating curves.

This mirror is definitely something you will enjoy for years. Visit our our online store for more unique designs.